Sunday, June 7, 2009

Watercolor experiments..

This one looks a helluva lot better here than the real thing, sad to say..

This is actually model/actress Devon Aoki. I came across a Loreal ad in a magazine which featured her. (minus the umbrella - I added that) ;)


  1. HOLY MOLY!!!!!! you call this an EXPERIMENT?!
    these are for galleries and showrooms my dear!
    seriously! nakooooooo.

    i loooove looooove loooooooooooooove the girl.
    i seriously do. it's classic and it's simple and it's lovely.


  2. okay, i just zoomed in on the flowes and i am lost for words.
    seriously, you should have these framed na.
    then have your own gallery.


  3. haha. like i said, these look a helluva lot better in here than in real life. and yes they're experiments. i still need tons of practice. but thanks for ur lovely comments. i'm officially flattered. ^-^