Monday, June 1, 2009


I just hung up with my musician-artist of a boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/best friend/phone pal; and this phone session gave me a few things to ponder on. I'm a frustrated artist. My biggest dilemma is that my interest exceeds my talent. And it takes ever so long for me to bring out what I have in mind. I so envy those people who can write, paint, create, or whatever it is they do, as naturally as breathing. He gave my life a quick assessment and diagnosed me with a much too careful life. The cure? Be real.

Being real. Honesty. Letting loose. Letting go. Throwing all cares into the wind, and letting the heart and soul shine through.


How beautiful that must feel. How does one do it, though? How does one live such a life?

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  1. perhaps all being share the same resentment as you do. for the greatest critic one could have is one himself. so yeah, let go and let the momento work its magic into that masterpiece that'll come out unexpectedly.