Monday, September 20, 2010

Loser ar loner?

"Would you rather be called a loner or a loser?" A friend had asked me.

I thought last night would be another lonely night for me. Saturday night and I had no work, no plans, no one to be with, and no where to be! Dinner with the Lim Association and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the moon cake festival hardly counts. And adding the fact that I only won Php 160.00 (all in tiny twenties), I had given up hope for a more exciting Saturday night. And then, ting! My baby cousins saved me and my pathetic social life! I say baby because they're all way younger than me. But I don't caaaaaaaaaaarrrrreeee! We ate some cake and spent the rest of the night singing and dancing and jumping at a kareoke bar.

My boyfriend called and made fun of my loser night. Well, I admit. Technically speaking, hanging out with younger kids on a Saturday night would still put me on the loser category. But like I said, I don't care. I missed hanging out with my cousins and I wouldn't have last night any other way! Besides, I told him I would have hung out with him if he were here. But he's not. And I do miss him more than he could possibly know.

My answer to that question was that I would rather be a loner rather than a loser just because, well, being a loner sounds so much better than being a loser. My friend on the other hand said that she'd rather be a loser. Why? Because at least she'd have friends. Loser friends, but friends around her all the same. "Who cares what people think?" She had said.

Well said. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

And the countdown continues..

Waiting takes forever. And when the moment that you've waited (forever) for arrives at last, it ends faster than you can say 'finally'.

I spent an amazing, gluttonous weekend with my love. Oh yes, eating was the main activity. I wouldn't be surprised if I added a few centimeters around my waist. Ugh. All that dieting and exercise just went right out the window. But it was a small price to pay. We only see each other once in 3-4 weeks. I know.. it sucks. Now that my long awaited weekend date has finally come AND gone, I have to wait for the next, which won't happen until after 4 weeks. Sigh. I do my best to be a good girl and wait. I miss him so much. =c

Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Blues

And so the baby blues of 2010 continues.. My friend just dropped the bomb today -- she's pregnant. I gave her a hug, as big as my little self could manage, hoping it'd somehow help. She cried, and cried some MORE. She had been crying the whole afternoon, which explained the way she looked -- dazed, pale, and all fuzzy. My heart went out to her. I would have hugged her all night if I could.

My dear friend.. my dear, kind, generous, wonderful, and beautiful friend. I could see the effort she was making to brave it all, and smile. On top of everything, she was still as amazing as ever.

Life is unfair sometimes. I can never fully comprehend why ugly things happen to good people.
Shit happens. It's a fact. And when it does, no wise words can slow the pain. All the "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", "Time heals all wounds", and all that crap just goes right out the window.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. It's no use envying other people's "perfect lives" because technically, there is no "perfect life". However, there is such a thing as a happy life. So how about that??

Some food for thought before I go to bed tonight.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Break

Thanks Susannah for the August Break!

I believe in fairies..

For August Break :)

Time sure flies. The message on the August page of my Tinkerbell calendar aptly summarizes this lovely month. "Friendships last forever" is what it says. And so they do. I spent the last few days with Jewel and Isis in CDO. Ahh spending girl time with girlfriends.. pure bliss! I had to work nights, though. I was exhausted, but I had the best time ever!

August was a surprisingly good month. Exhausting, but deliciously satisfying. Great food, groovy friends, and good fun filled those 31 tiny boxes of my August calendar. Work was hell, but I worked with my friends! And at the end of the day, it's not so bad.
Oh, my August blog is full, too, thanks to the August Break! Unfortunately, my hellish work schedule, unreliable internet connection, and often sleep-deprived state prevented me from logging in everyday. But I was happy to be able to participate at the very least.

And now, as I turn, yet another page of my Tinkerbell calendar, I say goodbye to an awesome jam-packed month, and welcome the next. What's to come? More of the good life I hope. The September page of my calendar reads "I believe in fairies." I take it as a sign to believe in dreams. A hundred plans and dreams and goals came rushing at me (and at us) during our conversations over animal-styled fries, chicken quesadillas, and jello shots last weekend. Wouldn't it be great if they all came true? So I'll take my own advice this month and write down everything I want to happen. And who knows? A little dreaming goes a long way, with a measure of hard-work, a dash of prayer, a large cup of faith, and a little pixie dust, miracles will happen. :)