Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Blues

And so the baby blues of 2010 continues.. My friend just dropped the bomb today -- she's pregnant. I gave her a hug, as big as my little self could manage, hoping it'd somehow help. She cried, and cried some MORE. She had been crying the whole afternoon, which explained the way she looked -- dazed, pale, and all fuzzy. My heart went out to her. I would have hugged her all night if I could.

My dear friend.. my dear, kind, generous, wonderful, and beautiful friend. I could see the effort she was making to brave it all, and smile. On top of everything, she was still as amazing as ever.

Life is unfair sometimes. I can never fully comprehend why ugly things happen to good people.
Shit happens. It's a fact. And when it does, no wise words can slow the pain. All the "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", "Time heals all wounds", and all that crap just goes right out the window.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. It's no use envying other people's "perfect lives" because technically, there is no "perfect life". However, there is such a thing as a happy life. So how about that??

Some food for thought before I go to bed tonight.

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