Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Things Girly

I like browsing for pictures on the web. I found a pretty picture of 3 pink bright roses in glaring white background on The photo made me think of all girly things - dollhouses, cotton candy, ruffles, and debuts. I tried to do a painting of it. I couldn't get the exact bright pink color. I ended up with this. I hope its not too bad.


  1. whoa!!! i love the depth you have in here. gosh marj bebe. you should really consider retiring as an artist. then you could do paintings for me for free! bwahahaha. but seriously, this is good. what watercolor do you use? ^_^

  2. reeves. hehe. if u cud only see the real thing.. haha sobrang layo!! i plan to take formal lessons while working. kung mahagilap ko ung teacher.. :P how come i dnt see nythin new from u lately?? ;))

  3. ooooh. you should try prang watercolors. they used to be bloody expensive but now they're pretty affordable na. borderlining cheap na nga e. but anyway, even a set of 16 palettes of that and a little white acrylic paint would do wonders to your works.

    you should really consider lessons dear. iba pa rin ang may output. and sometimes, conformity in directions would challenge the creativity in you.

    me is living a hell life @ medschool right now thus the absence of updates whatsoever.