Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Moving back to CDO was by far, the biggest, most life-changing decision I've ever made. I've lived in Manila my entire life. Though I come to CDO for the summer and Christmas holidays, it's still a far cry from actually living here. People always ask me why I came to work here in the first place, when I've lived there all my life. And when they do, I never know how to answer. Work, family, etc, etc... It's a jumble of reasons, one after the other. Even I don't understand. I've never really gotten over the fact that I'm already living here. One thing's for sure, though. I came here because I had to. I just had to.

Rewind to 15 years ago (God, am I old!), I remember crying my heart out every single time the holidays were over. I hated Manila. I wanted to stay in CDO with my cousins and my favorite Aunt. Those were the days. Back then, my world was that of any typical 7 year old. I wanted to play. The only problem was, my favorite playmates were miles away. Today, however, everything's different. I cry because I want to go back. I want to go back to the independent, parent-free, and exciting life I had - to my amazing friends, my crazy cousins/housemates, my perfectly imperfect bedroom, my incredible boyfriend (or ex or whatever), my favorite mall, and to fast-paced Manila itself. Don't get me wrong, it's not so bad here in CDO. There are plenty of perks. It's just different.

Then again, change is good. It means growth. It means moving forward. That life I had, now that I think about it, it was simply college life. Change, it's just not easy though.

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  1. oh yeah, change is just tough to deal with. especially when it makes you feel that it's not for the better. i too share the same special reference to our college life. but the reality is that it's a phase that fleets by. i do hope we all get together sometime in the near future. and that you, find the better in the place that you're at right now. isipin mo na lang, the laylow is to make up for all the fast forwardisms nung college.

    and oh, i shall be around the cyberworld once in a while marj bebe! kikiss ko pa si mama roma para sayo!