Friday, November 19, 2010

Because I am human

I have the soul to feel gratitude,
the heart to love and be loved,
the free will to choose,
a healthy mind to dream,
and my faith to hope and persevere.

I have an amazing family who is behind my every step,
A loving boyfriend who makes me laugh,
Wonderful friends from all over who always come and visit,
A home where I find safey and sanctuary,
and a beautiful body capable of making dreams come true.

A line from the movie Robin Hood said, "It is unwise to repay good fortune with bad grace."

I am grateful today for all the lessons I've learned, for the accomplishments I've gained, for the person I have become, and for the life in me after 24 long years. I will strive harder to become a better person for me and for those whom I love.

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