Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I got off from work 2 ours later than the regular 8-hours this morning (not that it's the first time). One of our patients went all "toxic" all of a sudden. The adrenaline rush is preventing me from sleeping, thus, even after a grueling night shift, I am still able to write on this blog.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! But that's not what really concerns me right now. February 14, 2010 is also the Chinese New Year, which gives me another chance to start (and re-start) anew! Plenty of my supposed new year's resolutions are still untouched. Some are half -done (half-started, rather); and some aren't going so well.

For starters, after promising never to be late for work again, I find myself.. well, late..again and again! Also, I think that I might be losing my mind. Seriously.
Just a couple of weeks ago, the unthinkable happened. I forgot my boyfriend's birthday.
Sheesh! As stupid as it seems, it actually happened, and if only I could split myself into two, I would've banged my own head against the wall! I'm forgetting things at work, too, plenty of times! My head's up in space somewhere, and it's been there since January. I NEED NEED NEED to bring it down!!

On the upside, I'm driving now! I drive to and from work during night and afternoon shifts, with my dad at the passenger's seat of course. My grandpa allowed me to drive his automatic so I can practice. So far, I'm still in one piece, and so is the car. And if you don't count the few times I accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the break, then I would say that I'm doing okay.
I'm taking painting classes again. It's a tad bit expensive, though. Then again, what's not nowadays? I've also learned to use the sewing machine! I already finished my first project - a plaid purse complete with zipper!
Jewel's coming over next week, all the way from Manila just to spend some quality time with moi! It's definitely something to look forward to! My brother's love life is going pretty well. The girl he's so discreetly dating is really pretty. I haven't met her but I think she's very nice. I'm really glad for him. And lastly, I'm at the last chapter of Fundamentals of Buddhism, the book that I've been trying to finish since last year!

Huh. My first 2 months of 2010 weren't so bad afterall. Still, the downs are there. I know what I need.



I need to focus. FOCUS, darn it, if I'm ever going to make something out of the rest of my 2010.

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