Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Another one of my friends is getting married!!! That's the 4th wedding happening this 2010; and 3 out of the 4 are my workmates'! What is it with this year?!
We were, actually on our way home from the first wedding. We were just talking about wedding stuff and about and how happy the newly weds looked. Then ---- when she dropped the bomb.

We literally screamed ourselves hoarse.

It was a surprising bit of news, that one. It was crazy! I was so shocked, I couldn't stop screaming. We were all so happy for her! They had apparently, been planning this wedding since August. I can't believe she kept this from us for all this time!

Before they dropped me off, we parked in front of our house and made her tell us everything! With the rain softly patting outside and the radio playing love songs, it felt just like one of those-girl bonding movies. She sounded so happy! And it felt great because I was happy, too.

Tonight was incredible! I got to see how happy our friends were, even though not all of the marriages were 100% planned. At the dinner party, the new groom was practically glowing alongside his new wife. At the dinner table, the next groom-to-be was also giddy with excitement for his own wedding the following month. And now this.

I feel really blessed to have happy friends.

It's funny though. Most of these friends are about the same age as I am. And they're, well, getting married! They're already talking about kids, and building a family, a house, their future, and what am I concerned about?? Clothes, vacations, and blogs. Haha. Oh well.

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