Monday, September 14, 2009

Laugh like there's no tomorrow!

My last entry was July 1? My god! Stupid internet connection. It actually took 2 months for it to get back. But it's back now, finally!!

I missed blogging! Nothing has changed much, though. ..Work as usual, except that I'm enjoying it even more these days. I just have so much fun with my colleagues! We're like, laughing all the time, nonstop! I just got off from night duty. Me and my friend, we literally laughed the whole night. We just swapped stories and laughed our heads off. And it felt incredibly amazing! We have a new motto now. Laugh like there's no tomorrow! :)
But it's been pretty quiet in the hospital, lately. Patient census is pretty low, and right now, we don't have any patients in the ICU at all. My schedule has been - what? duty- on call - duty - off -on call - duty -off.... It's like going on vacation. I enjoyed it, yes! I got to paint a lot with all that extra time. But it's gone too far!!! It's been like this for the past 3 weeks now. My next paycheck should be a killer! Haha!

Yes, I've been painting a lot. I'm getting better at it - I think. I've also just recently started doing photography. My dad was into photography in his younger years. So I asked him to teach me. He has this Sony digital camera that has manual settings. It's the closest to an SLR I could ever get. I might have a knack at it, who knows? :)


  1. marj bebe! am soooo happy that you're back in the world wide web and that you're starting with photography na. how i envy the time that you have in your hands. petiks sa ICU? congratulations. and am happier to know that you've finally adjusted well. from your post, i could tell na you're having fun in your duties na which is the exact opposite of what you were months ago.

    love love marj bebe. ^_^

  2. hey kimmy! am glad to see u back here too! u seem to be gone for long periods of time. by the looks of it, ur pretty busy! hehe. don't worry. i'm sure u'll make it through. ikaw pa!
    yes, petiks sa icu, and yes, i have way too much time on my hands - kaya ako ganito. heheh.and yes am havin fun. but i still wanna return to manila. i'm planning to go to art school next year. hehe balita lang. am really hoping to push through with it. :)