Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been reading Susannah Conway's blogs for the past 3 hours now. She is incredibly creative, she's wonderful! I turn to her blog whenever I need some creative stimulation. I found a lot of meme's in her blogs. I wanted to write something real quick, so I picked one out from one of her earlier blogs. It's really cute.

[ RED ] 1. Closest red thing to you? My red ipod nano.

2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? Surprisingly no. As far as I can remember.

3. Last thing to make you angry? Just annoyed. My sister acting like a know-it-all.

4. Are you a fan of romance? Right now? No, not really.

5. Have you ever been in love? Yes.

6. Do you have a temper? Yes.

1. Closest green thing to you? The clothes on my back.

2. Do you care about the environment? Absolutely.

3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Yes. I'm almost always jealous of other people these days. I'm working on that.

4. Are you a lucky person? Yes, I think so. I've had my fair share of problems and heartache. But I've noticed that life seems to always go easy on me.

5. Do you always want what you can't have? Ha! Yes. And at the same time, no. I'm trying to be more appreciative of what I have right now; and to celebrate the successes of other people, instead of envying them.

6. Are you Irish? No.

1. Last purple thing you saw? Purple water bottle. It's right in front of me.

2. Like being treated to expensive things? I won't lie, I do. I also treat myself every once in a while when I can afford them.

3. Do you like mysterious things? Sometimes.

4. Favourite type of chocolate? Any is fine with me.

5. Ever met any royalty? No.

6. Are you creative? Erm.. I'd like to think so. Problem is, my interest exceeds my talent.

7. Are you lonely? Kind of, yes.

[ BLUE ]
1. Closest blue thing to you? My Nautica tote.

2. Are you good at calming people down? I get squeamish at times, but I'm sure I do ok.

3. Do you like the ocean? I love the beach. The ocean itself is pretty scary to me. But the ocean truly is amazing.

4. What was the last thing that made you cry? A fight with my boyfriend.

5. Are you a logical thinker? On some things, I suppose.

6. Can you sleep easily? Yes. It's a blessing!

7. Do you prefer the beach or the woods? The beach. I love the feeling of freedom it gives me.

1. Closest yellow thing to you? A yellow brooche I made, myself.

2. The happiest time(s) of your life? I don't know about the happiest, but I sure do have a lot of happy moments. The most recent ones would be my night duty last night, where me and my partner just laughed the whole night while swapping stories; and just a few days ago, also at the ICU, where me and my colleagues played a game which involved blindfolds, as if we were a bunch of 12-year-olds. I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants. Yep I was pretty happy.

3. Favourite holiday? My trip to Japan with my family, My 2 trips to Palawan with my whole mother's side family.

4. Are you a coward? Yes, I'm ashamed to say that I am.

5. Do you burn or tan? I used to burn easily, but these days I just tan, which is a good thing. I'm trying to tan my legs. They're like 3 shades lighter than my arms. I haven't been making much progress, though.

6. Do you want children? Yes.

7. What makes you happy? Sunlight, lots of laughter, beautiful pictures, undisturbed alone time, a good night's sleep, friends, and family.

[ PINK ]
1. Closest (dark) pink thing to you? My night light.

2. Do you like sweet things? All the time.

3. Like play-fighting? Sometimes.

4. Are you sensitive? Not so much.

5. Do you like punk music? Sometimes.

6. What is your favourite flower? I like the scent of lavender.

7. Does someone have a crush on you? Hmm.. I'd like to think so. Haha.

1. Closest orange thing to you? My orange blanket.

2. Do you like to burn things? No.

3. Dress up for Halloween? No. This may sound pathetic but I haven't tried dressing up for Halloween ever. I'd like to some day.

4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? I hope so. I try to be.

5. Do you prefer the single life or the security of a relationship? Both.

6. What would your super power be? Apparate and disapparate - just like in Harry Potter.

1. Closest white thing to you? A stack of papers - photocopies of my Advanced Cardiac Life Support training notes.

2. Would you say you're innocent? People think I am. But I'm not. Definitely not.

3. Always try to keep the peace? Not always.

4. How do you imagine your wedding? Intimate, happy, and fairy-tale like.

5. Do you like to play in the snow? We don't have winter here in the Philippines. But I've tried playing in the snow during our trip to South Lake, San Francisco when I was a kid. It wasn't as fun as I had imagined. It was too darn cold and wet!

6. Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? Not at all.

1. Closest black thing to you? My dad's Sony digicam, the camera I've been practicing with.

2. Ever enjoy hurting people? Never.

3. Are you sophisticated or silly? Silly most of the time. Maybe even all the time!

4. Do you have a lot of secrets? I ..do.

5. What is your favourite colour(s)? Red, yellow, black, and white.

6. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? No, not really. I think it's the other way around. :)

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