Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh well..

"The best way to heal a heart that has been broken is to kill the person who made that happen." --Adolf Hitler


Just one of the many corny v-day jokes I received on my cellphone yesterday. This year's Feb14th wasn't as bad as I thought. My boyfriend/ex-boyfriend -- now best friend (for lack of a better word for the current, unspoken arrangement we have) -- greeted me with a "Happy valentine's day, Lala.. hehe." This may sound pathetic, but that actually made my entire day. I had a nice lunch date with my parents. We then attended the ribbon-cutting and blessing of a brand new hospital, which will in fact, be my new work place a few weeks from now. I came home with a souvenir -- a sparkly heart on a stick that coincidentally said, Be Mine. I also caught a short, but juicy glimpse of my very secret crush.

Today however, I just found out that my very secret crush already has a girlfriend, thereby crushing my very secret dreams.


Oh well..

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