Sunday, April 25, 2010


Weddings are just wonderful, aren't they? Not the ones on TV or on magazines. I mean the weddings of close friends and family. All the giddy anticipation, the exciting preparations, the happy smiles, the tears of joy, the picture-perfect moments, the I do's, the pre-nuptial photos, the mushy love songs, the sighs and ooh's and ahhh's, that blissful, heart-warming feeling that I'm sure everybody gets when they see their loved ones' genuine smiles of happiness and contentment. It just gives you that hopeful, happy, kind of love-ful feeling, doesn't it?
Kitty, Ma'am Peth, and I travelled for 4 hours by bus to just to attend a Marissa's wedding. It was well worth it! Mars looked fantastic, Rey looked incredibly happy, plus there were so many photo booths and photo walls at the reception! Our kind of thing! ^^, This was the 3rd wedding I've been to in 5 months! And there's another one coming this May. 2010 sure is the year for weddings! Or have I just reached the marrying age already? Sheesh! I feel so old! ^-^

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