Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love is...

Love is beautiful, love is sweet;
Love is emotional, it's hard to beat.
Love is crazy, love is blind;
Love is mean, love is kind.

Love inspires, it gives you wings;
Love races on to better things.
So run fast and don't be late,
Or you're gonna have to wait.

Love hurts, it cries for tears,
But love heals through the years.
Love touches, love hears,
So push away all your fears.

Love is confusing, it really is;
Especially with a wandering kiss.
Yet love is special, it is special.
It is irreplaceable.

Love is human, it is alive.
It makes you strong,
It makes you whole,
So hold your head high.

Live, laugh, love, breathe.
Stand steadfast, never leave.
Hold your heart, know yourself.
Know that all will be well.

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